CombatSpec: assault.

Попробуем добавить в х-ком немного х-кома. Пока ветка асолта, за грмтку больно не бить, баланс можно обсуждать.

Run and gun
Novice, Agility d8, mutually exclusive with other CombatSpec Edges.
You can fully ignore run penalty for shooting, if you end your move before shooting.

Tactical sense
seasoned, Run and gun, Knowledge[battle] d4. Mutually exclusive with aggression.
You get +1 cover bonus if you see at least two enemies. You get +2 cover bonus if you see at least four enemies. This bonus does to stack with actual cover.

Seasoned, Run and Gun, Spirit d8. Mutually exclusive with Tactical sense.
Your raise damage becomes d8 if you see one enemy, d10 if you see two enemies, and d12 if you see more.

Lightning reflexes
Seasoned, Run and Gun, agility d8, mutually exclusive with Close and Personal
When you are subject of opposed agility check in order to interrupt someone`s turn being on hold or trying to interrupt someone`s turn being on hold, you get +4 to result of your check.

Close and Personal
Seasoned, Run and Gun, fighting d6, shooting d8, mutually exclusive with Lightning reflexes
At the end of yor turn, yo may fire a single shot at enemy no further than 4'' as a free action.

Veteran, Run and Gun, shooting d10, Intimidation d8, mutually exclusive with Rapid fire
You fire a single shot with +2 bonus to hit, and if successful, target got only half damage, but in addition target is forced to check spirit, if target lose, it forced to move at least 3`` from it current location.

Rapid Fire
Veteran, Run and Gun, shooting d8, mutually exclusive with Flush
You can fire two single shots from your weapon, with usual MAP.

Close Combat Specialist
Veteran, Run and Gun, Notice d6, mutually exclusive with Bring `Em On.
You can fire a single shot when enemy comes closer than 4'', you have to win opposite agility check to do so, as if you are on hold. If you are actually on hold, or didn't act that turn yet, this shot does not cost you an action, nor incur MAP.

Bring `Em On.
Veteran, Run and Gun, mutually exclusive with Close Combat Specialist.
If you hit with a raise, id addition to normal effects, you deal additional damage, equal to number of enemies you can see (up to 5)

Extra Conditioning
Hero, Run and Gun, Vigor d8.
You get +1 to toughness if wear an armour. Bonus increases to +2 if it is heavy armour.

Hero, Run and Gun, Vigor d10
You are not subjectt of additional damage if you are hit with a raise.

Killer Instinct
Hero, Run and Gun, Agility d12.
If you use Run an Gun, your attack counts as ``hit with raise'', if it`s result is 2 higher than TN, not 4.

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And can you keep your head, your backbone or your heart? We all found out the answer on the day it fell apart.
В случае Флаша считаю, что там нужна оговорка про "и заканчивать ход не в укрытии", но это я еще на комповый посмотрю еще раз оригинал (а то вдруг я совсем имбу прошу)
//Энрике будет думать про ассолт или саппорт спецухи.

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C чего бы "и заканчивать ход не в укрытии"? В СВОЙ ход цель ведет себя как хочет, обв.


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